A partnership that provides the benefits afforded by years of Private Banking relationships coupled with in depth experience in delivering Company Valuations and Business Brokerage services.

Nantucket isn’t just a place, it’s our treasured home. We want that same sense of security for our clients.

We have a passion for assisting others in becoming more successful. Our collective experience represents over 50 years of helping others achieve their financial goals.

Joe Huber


As a 30 year on island resident, it has always been Joe’s dream to establish a Nantucket business that assists others in becoming more successful while providing local service with a keen understanding of the island's economic environment. Nantucket Private leverages Joe's long term relationships with Private Banks while providing on island clients a suite of lending solutions including Commercial and Residential mortgage needs as well as Yacht and Plane financing. In addition to lending needs; Joe’s ownership and experience in a number of businesses brings valued partnerships that will assist in determining a Company’s valuation; their true net worth, while also being able to assist in selling your Company all within the context of understanding the uniqueness of on island businesses. Joe has had extensive venture successes over his 35+ year career, including the E.C. Scott Group which he co-founded and assembled a Sales Team that took the company from zero to over 55 million in sales.

Nantucket Private assists Companies in determining their true value and discovering the best possible exit strategy for business owners coupled with introductions to a number of Private Bank opportunities that insure one’s success.